Angry Birds + Comic Book Superheroes = Awesome

13 ส.ค.

Have you ever wondered what the Angry Birds cast would look like if they all dressed up ascomic book superheroes? Me either, but now that I’ve seen it I have to admit they look pretty damn good.

Over at someone (we’re really not sure who put these together) has posted a bunch of awesome Marvel and DC Angry Birds mashups. Everyone from Cyclops to Judge Dredd now has an avian or swine counterpart, and Captain Americareceived the highest honor with movie and comic version Angry Birds (the lack of design changes gave me a nice little chuckle).

What I really like about these super-birds is how much they make me want an actual Marvel and/or DC Angry Birds game. How cool would it be if we could send a Cyclops-bird flying toward a Sentinel-pig? Playing Angry Birds has gotten a little boring for me lately, but I guarantee I would be one of the first to download a game like that.

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Posted by บน สิงหาคม 13, 2011 in Art



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